Blackwater’s Sy open to two-conference PBA format, inter-country club competitions

Blackwater Elite team owner Dioceldo Sy is among those who are open to the possibility of the PBA shortening its season from 3 conferences to 2, in a recent interview with ESPN5.

Sy’s Elite recently joined the East Asia Super League Terrific 12 2019 although got booted out early with back to back losses.

Still, the opportunity to play more games outside of the Philippines and involving clubs across Asia is something Sy said he is welcoming for the immediate future.

Per Richard Dy of ESPN5:

“I think the PBA should now shorten our three-conference format to just two conferences and spend more time playing outside the Philippines.”

East Asia Super League CEO Matt Beyer was reported to have a partnership with the PBA centered on the idea having inter-club competitions across Asia involving multiple leagues.

Beyer said per ESPN5:

“I think there’s mutual trust that we’ve built not only with (PBA Commissioner Willie Marcial) but also with the Board of Governors. And once there’s trust established, it’s a lot easier to talk what the future look like together.”

Sy agreed that having more games against foreign club teams will be good for not just the PBA but Philippine basketball in general.

“I think we need to start adopting Euro-style of basketball. We need to start breaking away from the NBA brand of play which is passe already.”

Europe currently has an inter-country club competition that runs simultaneously with European countries’ local club competitions.

(Photo from East Asia Super League Facebook)