Philamlife 7s Football Season 4: Mondo International upsets defending champs Ghana FC

Match Day 2 commenced with an upset victory of Mondo International over the defending champions Ghana FC. Laro FC, Real Amigos and Bohemian Sporting Club remain undefeated while Super Eagles and Tondo FC score their first wins of the season.

Ghana FC tasted their first defeat of the Season 4 in the hands of Mondo International, 2-1. Both teams were tied at 1-1 at full time and Mondo’s Jangobah Johnson scored the golden goal in extra time for the victory.

“All our hard work paid off. Our first game, we weren’t very tuned in yet. We weren’t synced in but we proved our worth. Today was worth it. We played our hearts,” said Mondo International Academy founder and coach Butch Mondenedo.

Philam Life 7s Football League Season 4 Match Day 1

“The key thing is we played our tactics, we played our game. That is the one thing that we didn’t implement on the first game. The first game was very difficult because we are feeling out each player. Now, that the players are training more often, we are connecting much better,” shared Mondenedo on how they overcame Ghana FC.

In another extra-time thriller, Laro FC’s Kevin Skinker scored the lone goal of the match to defeat Matu Deportivo. Laro FC is one of the teams that still have an unblemished record after Match Day 2.

“The good energy of the team, that was important. We got good coaching, good experience and the young guys stepped up today,” said Laro’s Aly Borromeo. “It is good to come off with a clean sheet today at the same time we can’t be too overconfident. We look forward to play with the big boys like Super Eagles and Ghana in the next few rounds.”

On the other hand, Real Amigos and Super Eagles dominated their opponents. DMatsunaga experienced their first loss of the season against Real Amigos, 5-1, while Monte Manila falls to 0-2 after losing to the Super Eagles, 1-6. Both winning teams want to make a statement in their Match Day 2 wins.

“Two wins, it is very important for our confidence but moving forward, we want the teams to talk about us. We want them to talk if we are the team to beat or not,” said Real Amigo’s head coach Lerche on the statement win.

“We just needed to make a statement today,” said Super Eagles head coach Danny Cross who lost their opening day game against Ghana FC. “From now on, the momentum is on. Last weekend, was disappointing but that is football. Today, we got the victory, we are happy and good to go.”

Tondo FC registered their first win of Season 4 with a tough match against Futbol Funatics, 2-1. Roberto Corsame and Leonardo Kabalungan each scored goals for Tondo FC before the Futbol Funatics scored one late in the end but time ran out for a comeback.

“We addressed the stamina. For the past three training sessions, we build up our stamina,” said Dennis Balbin of Tondo FC. “This win is important because it will bring more momentum for our team and brings more motivation.

Bohemian Sporting Club is still undefeated after Match Day 2 with Hajime Hajimehdi scoring a hat-trick over Superbad FC, 3-1.

7s Football League: Premier Division

Laro FC 1 – Matu Deportivo 0

Real Amigos 5 – DMatsunaga FA 1

Super Eagles 6 – Monte Manila 1

Bohemian Sporting Club 3 – Superbad Pride FC 1

Tondo FC 2 – Futball Funatics 1

Mondo International 2 – Ghana FC 1


7s Football League: Women’s Division

Stallions 2 – Outkast FC 1

Futbol Funatics 4 – Azzuri 2

Azzuri 4 – Sims 1

Kaya FC 4 – Superbad 1

Nomads 6 – Payatas 1

Bohemian Sporting Club 4 – Beach Hut 1


7s Football League: Men’s Division

Paha FC 4 – Komrads 3

DNO 11 – Mendiola 3

Manila Kings 6 – Socerroo 1

Manhur 4 – Laro B 3

Coast Guard 3 – Spoly 2


7s Football League: U15

Tuloy sa Don Bosco 1 – Carribean 0

Makati Football Club 4 – Bohemian Sporting Club 0

Nomads 3 – Socceroo 0

De La Salle Zobel 4 – Tondo FC 0

Tuloy sa Don Bosco 11 – Socceroo 1

Bohemian Sporting Club 4 – Tondo FC 3

Nomads 1 – Carriben 0

Tondo FC 3 – Bohemian Sporting Club 4


7s Football League: U13

Tuloy sa Don Bosco 2 – Makati Football Club 0

Socceroo 2 – Makati Football Club (Girls) 0

Nomads 3 – Angono FC 0

De La Salle Zobel 0 – Patayas 0

Tuloy sa Don Bosco 2 – Nomads 0

De La Salle Zobel 3 – Makati Football Club (Girls) – 1

Makati Football Club 5 – Angono FC 0

Socceroo 6 – Payatas 0


7s Football League: U9

Mondo FC 3 – San Lorenzo FC 1

Makati Football Club 3 – G8 0

Total FC 4 – Aspire 0

Striker FC Marikina 3 – Xavier FC 0

Mondo FC 3 – Total FC 0

Striker FC Marikina 0 – G8 0

Aspire FC 2 – San Lorenzo FC 0

Makati Football Club 10 – Xavier FC 0