Sandra Bullock Develops TV Show for Amazon Based on Her College Life

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Oscar winner Sandra Bullock is venturing into television once again. The “Bird Box” actress is developing a TV show for Amazon Prime that will be loosely based on her college life.

Bullock won’t star on the show but will be she will be one of the executive producers along with Grammy-winning musician John Legend and Oscar-winning writer/director Akiva Goldsman. The series will be written and created by K.C. Perry and the material has been called a “a hilarious, boundary-crossing, and often soul-wrenching trek through the oppressive cultural norms of the deep south in the 1980s,” per Deadline. Perry’s writing credits include “The Originals” on The CW and the upcoming “Constance” series for TNT, which stars Elizabeth Shue.

Bullock’s show will feature dance music, drag culture, the AIDS epidemic and mental health. The still-untitled series will follow a group of outcasts who are trying to carve a niche and figure out their lives.

According to Variety, Goldsman was in a conversation with Bullock, who have worked together on “Practical Magic” and “A Time to Kill,” when the TV inspiration popped up. Goldman then brought the idea to Marja Lewis-Ryan of Get Lifted Film Co who became interested in developing the TV show. Apart from Bullock, Goldman and Legend, Mike Jackson of Get Lifted and Greg Lessan of Weed Road will also serve as executive producers.

The actress went to East Carolina University for college in North Carolina and earned her degree for Drama in 1987. She was part of a theater group and starred in a number of productions.

The show will expectedly be featuring a lot of music, including ’80s pop hits, gospel songs and the opera, hence the participation of Legend. This will not be the first TV show that Bullock has produced, however, since she was also the producer of the George Lopez series, which aired on ABC from 2002 to 2007.