BTS Emerges as Most Searched Boy Band in Google

The South Korean boy band BTS is apparently the most searched group on the internet for 2019, thus far, in the U.S. The chart-topping singing group has topped the list that also includes One Direction, Backstreet Boys, the Jonas Brothers and the Beatles.

According to Variety, BTS continues to make music history as their popularity soars on a global scale. Their latest album, “Map of the Soul: Persona,” continues to be on the top of the charts and their new song “Boy with Luv” featuring Halsey had more than 80 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of its release.

BTS was also the first Asian boy band to appear on “Saturday Night Live” and they were also the first South Korean group to perform at the Grammy Awards and The American Music Awards.

Below is the 2019 top 10 year-to-date most search boy band in the United States:

1. BTS
2. The Beatles
3. Jonas Brothers
4. Backstreet Boys
5. One Direction
6. New Kids on the Block
7. EXO
9. B2K
10. 5 Seconds of Summer

The seven-member group is a product of an intensive program to train young men to become potential pop stars. Big Hit Entertainment developed these boys into a singing group in 2013 when the group had a more hip-hop image.

“When they came out, they were very much the underdog,” said Asian pop producer Sevana Ohandjanian. “There wasn’t a huge amount of money behind them, there wasn’t anybody super, super famous in the company to back them, and so their success was really unexpected.”

BTS write and produce their own songs, unlike other K-pop stars. They have social commentaries in their music, which may sometimes be regarded as taboo in their culture.

“Since we decided that BTS would be singers who told the truth about reality, we said, ‘Let’s talk about pain and let’s say that instead of just living passively, we should work hard to overcome obstacles. Whether we win or lose, it’s having dreams that make us young.’,” Big Hit Entertainment’s big boss Bang Si-Hyuk said, as per The Central Times.

The bands popularity has also been boosted by the ARMY (Adorable Representative MC for Youth), their dedicated fans. They are particularly quite close to their followers as BTS make efforts to connect to them on social media.

The American audience has embraced the band despite their mostly non-English songs. Although, their group is known for putting English subtitles in their videos thus making them more accessible to the West.