Phantom of the Opera Cast goes to Enchanted Kingdom

The cast of the world’s most popular musical, The Phantom of the Opera, graced Enchanted Kingdom with their presence last Friday, March 8, 2019. They took some time off to visit the Park before heading back to Manila for their 8PM show.

Along with The Phantom of the Opera Cast were the invited foreign speakers at the PhilAAPA Safety Institute 2019. IAAPA Asia Pacific representatives Colby Liu and Ceylon Chan, Icon Global Partners Ltd. Partner and Chief Executive Officer Chris Perry, and Trans Studio Bandung General Manager Daan Duijm were also first-timers.

Phantom of the Opera Cast at Enchanted Kingdom
Phantom of the Opera Cast at Enchanted Kingdom

Our EK first-timers enjoyed an entertaining show at the Eldar’s Theater with special performances by Victoria’s Way and Kingsmen. They were also given a taste of Filipino entertainment—the Tinikling! Our EK Circle of Artists performed the traditional Philippine folk dance and our guests immediately joined in on the fun on stage.

Due to their hectic schedule, they were not able to go around the Park, and even our country, as much as they hoped to. Luckily, we have Agila The EKsperience—our one-stop destination to all the wonders of the Philippines. It’s safe to say they absolutely loved it. Hopefully, they will get to visit these places soon.