Isentia launches new media intelligence platform


Asia Pacific’s leading media intelligence company, Isentia, is launching its flagship media intelligence platform, Mediaportal, in the Philippines.

This refurbished platform will provide users not just with improved media monitoring, but new features such as one-click media analysis and data intelligence insights, empowering users to view coverage, produce meaningful reports and analyze stories all in one platform, quickly and efficiently.

David Liu, Chief Executive Asia, Isentia, said: “The media landscape is ever changing and evolving, and we at Isentia are committed to simplifying this to help our clients with their day to day decision making. As such, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the upgraded Mediaportal in The Philippines, ensuring that we put the best data and insights at our clients’ fingertips.”

“With its ability to draw fast and relevant insights with just a click of a button, Mediaportal is the most advanced and user-friendly media platform available with the intelligence to help businesses leap forward.”

Chief among the changes that Isentia has implemented in Mediaportal is an enhanced crawler cycle frequency, combing through approximately a million items across nine languages. More than 50 channels identified as key across the Asia-Pacific region are crawled each day, including approximately 65,000 news websites covering content in English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Tamil, Tagalog, Malay, Indonesian and Korean, with new crawlers already being developed for other languages.

Janine Cuenca-Dario, General Manager, Isentia Manila, Inc., said “Information exists everywhere; but what’s more valuable is real insight which gets lost in the complexity and speed of today’s media cycle, and the rapid growth in social media. Our clients have found it increasingly difficult to sift through all the data across channels and outlets, and make informed business decisions.”

“As such, we’re delighted to enrich our clients experience with Mediaportal, which is set to give them a competitive advantage by giving more actionable insight.”