Hot air balloon crashes in Luxor, 1 tourist killed

LUXOR, Egypt — Egyptian officials say a sightseeing balloon carrying foreign tourists over the southern city of Luxor has crash landed, killing one tourist and injuring seven.

The officials say Friday’s incident was caused by strong winds that forced the balloon off its course above the city’s pharaonic temples and tombs.

There were no details immediately on the nationalities of the victims. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity under regulations.

Hot air balloon incidents have occurred in the past over ancient Luxor.

In 2013, 19 foreign tourists were killed when their balloon caught fire. In 2016, Egypt temporarily halted balloon flights after 22 Chinese tourists suffered minor injuries in a crash landing of their hot air balloon.

Since then, balloon rides are monitored by cameras and banned from flying above 2,000 meters. (AP)