Sprout Solutions supports local startup with series of free learning sessions

Patrick Gentry, CEO and Co-founder of Sprout Solutions
Patrick Gentry, CEO and Co-founder of Sprout Solutions

Sprout Solutions, the fastest-growing Filipino tech startup providing a complete suite of HR software tools specifically made for the Philippine business environment, gives back by supporting the country’s startup community through its series of free learning seminars called Sprout Academy.

Through this initiative, Sprout seeks to bring the Silicon Valley culture to the Philippines where there is a free exchange of ideas and best practices across industries.

“In 2015, Sprout was accepted by Acceleprise, a Silicon Valley enterprise SaaS accelerator; this made us see the importance of knowledge-sharing, especially among the local industry players and entrepreneurs,” said Patrick Gentry, Sprout Solutions CEO and Co-founder. “We believe that through events like Sprout Academy, we can contribute to the continuous growth of the local startup community.”

Recently, Sprout held the sixth leg of the series, which gathered more than 100 participants from the startup sector, as well as students and individuals who plan to put up their own business.

This time, the session focused on how entrepreneurs can unlock explosive growth for their company. Sprout’s very own Patrick Gentry, who was recently named 2017 Philippine Rice Bowl Startup Awards Founder of the Year, shared some of his personal experiences and feasible strategies for boosting their startup.

Gentry emphasized that one of the primary issues that entrepreneurs, especially starters, should consider is to solve a specific need.

“Some of the most successful startups are very specific in solving an existing pain point. But to achieve stable growth, you have to cultivate the solution you offer through constant experimentation. It also pays to invest in creating good relations with the people you work with, and banking on the right tools and technologies,” Gentry mentioned.

Aside from Gentry, the event was also graced by Ravi Agarwal, the CEO of engageSPARK and the man behind some of the most successful startups based in Boston in the US.

During his discussion, Agarwal talked about the benefits of investing in product innovation which should go beyond just meeting the needs of the customers but more importantly, sparking excitement by touching their unspoken needs.

Apart from Sprout Academy, the company also stages other free learning sessions like Innovate where HR practitioners come together every month to hear from industry experts and discuss different ways to improve the way HR is done in the country.

Sprout is also sponsoring the Philippines HR Group Summit 2017 with the theme, Transformational HR: Agile and Future Ready for the Millennials and Generation Z Workforce, happening on November 23.

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