Komura Book Fair to feature creative ways to experience literature

Komura Book Fair
Komura Book Fair
Sponsored by Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Warehouse Eight together with Kwago Bookstore organized the first experience-driven book fair that explores the different ways to consume literature.

An intimate gathering of independent and specialty bookstores, storytellers and art shops around the Philippines, the event is happening on November 18, 2017 at Warehouse Eight, La Fuerza compound, Makati City.

“We want Komura; to be a kind of book fair that doesn’t feel like you just want to get rid of surplus. Warehouse Eight has always been a space for authentic interactions and we’re happy to welcome and host this kind of initiatives in our home,” co-owner of Warehouse Eight Kayla Dionisio shared.

With the goal of providing a literary respite for book lovers and storytellers, Komura; is designed to be interactive. There will be reading lounge in the fair where people can drink coffee and play some vinyl records from Bear’s Den Records.

Musicians like Alyana Lea Carmela, Hoochie Coochie Mikkie and Gentle Universe will be playing and sharing stories through music, while award-winning writer Joachim Antonio will transform Warehouse Eight into an open theatre and launch his new storytelling project that breaks the “fourth wall” called EXESANONYMOUS.

The Spark Project will also do a crowdfunding workshop to empower writers and illustrators to publish on their own, while Kwago is hosting the first Bookworms Meetup in Manila where book lovers can geek out and trade books they love.

“Our main goal is for Komura; to be a haven for deep and honest exchange of curiosities and a platform to showcase and explore the possibilities of a book,” founder of Kwago Czyka Tumaliuan said.

Event promptly starts at 11AM. Door charge is PHP 200. Tickets come with a short story from CCP.