Red Ribbon Latest News: Happy Sweet Moments With The Triple Chocolate Roll

Red Ribbon brings the milk chocolate goodness to its classic treat

For many, milk chocolate is a delightful treat that never fails to bring about a feeling of luxurious indulgence. It’s rich, creamy taste is considered as a guilty pleasure by many; and if combined with soft, chocolate chiffon cake, the experience is more than doubled.

Red Ribbon's Triple Chocolate Roll
Red Ribbon’s Triple Chocolate Roll

Red Ribbon’s Triple Chocolate Roll has long been known for its milk chocolate goodness. Each roll is made with chocolate chiffon, filled with sinfully rich chocolate from filling to the icing. It is also beautifully topped with handcrafted chocolate bars and curls. That is why for those who are die-hard chocoholics, here are three reasons to love its decadence even more.

Hand-rolled to perfection. As bakers always say, baking is love made visible. That is why Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll is delicately hand-rolled with the love and care that only Red Ribbon has long been known for. From the preparation of the ingredients to the baking process, and even to assembling all of its delicious parts, Red Ribbon bakers ensure that each is handcrafted to perfection so that it may bring out what chocoholics deserve.

It complements all your sweet moments. Sweet moments with your friends and family are also made even better with this roll. It is perfect for celebrations as well as for simple get-togethers and bonding moments. May it be for the young or the young-at-hearts, it is also sure to put a smile to their faces, making the moment much sweeter and more memorable.

Perfect to brighten up your sour day. Every chocolate lover knows that rolls never fail to bring out the joy and excitement, which can turn bad days into good ones. However, unlike any other chocolate treats, Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll has the premium taste, rolled in a more affordable delight that is sure to take away all of your stresses.

You can bring home this handcrafted milk chocolate goodness for only Php300 for the whole roll and Php200 for the half roll.

“As one of our signature products, Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll is lovingly made with our customers in mind. We want to give them something that brings the joy of indulging in their favorite milk chocolate by using it for their equally favorite triple chocolate roll,” said Ned Bandojo, head of marketing of Red Ribbon.

As one of the fastest growing bakeshop chains in the country, Red Ribbon is dedicated to making every moment with family and friends much sweeter and memorable with its lineup of best-tasting cakes, rolls, breads, and pastries.