BB Pilipinas candidates hold swimsuit photoshoot in Camayan Beach Resort


Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines — The stunning candidates of the BinibiningPilipinas pageant 2017 held their swimsuit photoshoot at the Camayan Beach Resort, and also had their workshop activities at the facilities of Ocean Adventure, which are sponsors of the event itself.

Scott Sharpe, CEO and President of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium, Inc. (SBMEI), the company that operates Ocean Adventure and Camayan Beach Resort, said that “we’re happy to host these beautiful ladies, and are looking forward to the pageant itself. I can see that they had a great time with us, and only hope that they can come back to watch the shows of Ocean Adventure and spend a little more time at the resort.”

Sharpe said that both Camayan Beach Resort and Ocean Adventure are sponsors of the BinibiningPilipinas pageant, which is a first for the company.

The swimsuit photoshoot and workshop activities gave the BinibiningPilipinas candidates a chance to bond with each other, and prepare for upcoming events in their busy calendar, which will culminate in the Grand Coronation at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on April 30.

According to event organizers, this year’s roster of candidates consists of local pageant winners, degree holders from top schools, honor graduates, artists, sports and fashion enthusiasts, and working professionals who excel in their respective fields. Representing various provinces in the country, the official candidates bested hundreds of aspirants that went through rigorous screenings and interviews in January.

In between shoots, the candidates also got a chance to interact with Dakila, one of the stars of the the Sea Lion Marine Patrol show at Ocean Adventure.

Dakila, a South American Sea Lion born at Ocean Adventure, gamely posed with the BinibiningPilipinas candidates for a photo op that everyone enjoyed.

Robert Gonzaga, SBMEI’s Corporate Communications Director, said that the BinibiningPilipinas pageant’s choice of Camayan beach to hold their event ”is a ringing endorsement of Camayan Beach Resort’s attractive qualities as a tourism destination site for everyone.”

Gonzaga also added that the formal launch of Camayan Beach Resort’s gorgeous swimming pool facility is slated very soon but that “everyone is welcome to use the swimming pool at Camayan Beach Resort even now, and watch the shows of Ocean Adventure. This is only the beginning. Before summer ends, we will deliver many great offerings to our clients and guests, and the public should really look forward to that.”

Photo caption: Scott Sharpe, SBMEI CEO and President, poses with the candidates of the BinibiningPilipinas pageant 2017. In another photo, Dakila, one of the stars of the Sea Lion Marine Patrol show, also gamely poses with the stunningly beautiful ladies.