Ocean Adventure condemns theft, forcible entry of Sales office in Manila by deposed CEO, managers

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Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines — The ownership and management of Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc. (SBMEI), a Subic Freeport Zone locator that runs Ocean Adventure and Camayan Beach resort here, strongly condemns the harassment of its personnel, theft of company property, and grave coercion of its employees at the hands of Arthur Tai, former CEO of the company.

Earlier today, Tai, who was accompanied by AWOL managers of Ocean Adventure, forced their way in to the sales office of the company in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

Prior to his stint as CEO of Ocean Adventure, Tai, an American national, was a consultant from Oxford and Associates in Beijing, China.

Tai and his cohorts attempted to force the sales and marketing personnel of SBMEI to leave the premises, after which they took eight company owned laptops, two Desktop computers, a couple of corporate cellular phones, and a vault with money and financial documents inside.

The perpetrators even ran away with the gift certificates for Ocean Adventure and Camayan Beach resort, the police blotter on the incident said.

Since his removal last February 13, 2017, Tai has been waging an unrelenting campaign to disrupt company operations, while being aided and abetted by managers and misguided personnel who follow his bidding, including breaking into the Sales office , namely, Vic Sol, RevelieGuevarra, Dan Teria, Grace Espinoza, Winnie Oconner, Andrea May Maguigad, Eric DelaCruz, and Gwynne Barbasa.

Scott Sharpe, CEO and President of SBMEI, said that ” it’s obvious that Tai’s ultimate goal is to destroy the company if he can’t have it for himself. It’s unfortunate that Tai has been able to direct these AWOL employees to participate in illegal acts. But we will exhaust every legal means available to us to protect our workers, and shield the company from these attacks on personnel and property owned by SBMEI. ”

Sharpe said that he had already asked Philippine law enforcement authorities to conduct investigations into Tai’s administration of the company ” and this latest, pathetic attempt to sabotage our company’s operations will be added to the long list of legal cases that he will have to face. As for those who continue to follow his bidding, let the axe fall where it may. ”

Meanwhile, Gail Laule, a majority shareholder and founder of SBMEI, said that “Mr. Tai is continuing to run around telling everyone he is CEO. He was stripped of his right to vote our shares back in September, and fired in November after physically barring shareholders from attending the annual shareholders meeting. He filed a fraudulent GIS in December that showed him owning all our shares. Two court cases confirmed his dismissal and he still refused to give up power. We finally had to physically assert our ownership rights over the company to get him out. And now he has resorted to leading a raiding party in our Sales office in Manila. Unbelievable! ”