Ocean Adventure Subic replaces its CEO

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The removal of Arthur Tai as CEO of SBMEI was lawfully carried out under the direction of the majority shareholders on February 13, 2017.

To prevent any untoward incident, Scott Sharpe, CEO of SBMEI, requested the presence of the Philippine National Police during that time in order to assure the peaceful enforcement of a court order. The PNP accompanied Mr. Sharpe during the change of control.

Unfortunately, the police presence was entirely necessary because Mr. Tai has shown an inclination towards harassment and even violence, as evidenced by his order to attack Mr. Sharpe’s house with more than twenty armed men the day before.

The PNP had assessed the situation and offered their assistance due to their belief that Tai was capable of perpetrating harm and would likely attempt to obstruct the owners from exercising their lawful rights. We are happy to report that the change of control was uneventful and no injuries were sustained by any parties.

In addition to the police, we have also asked various law enforcement authorities of the Philippines to conduct a thorough investigation into the many illegal acts that Mr. Tai has perpetrated during his administration of the company and those that are coming to light as the days go by.

We are aware that some high-ranking employees, acting on orders from Mr. Tai, has been spreading a litany of misinformation and blatant lies to disrupt the daily operations of the company. They have also been trying to put the reputation of the majority shareowners in a negative light, while threatening rank and file employees who are merely doing their jobs that he will fire them.

This kind of reckless behavior is proof that Mr. Tai is hell bent on sacrificing the livelihood of SBMEI employees just to wreak havoc on the company that he professes to care deeply about in his public statements.

We hope that the public, including the workers who Mr. Tai has mislead and lied to just like he did with the founders, would examine the facts and rely only on verified information to prevent further harm to the company and its employees—including that of the Subic Freeport community.

We are calling on all SBMEI employees to show up for work and think about your family’s welfare, and not allow yourselves to be involved in the dispute between the owners and this ousted former CEO of Ocean Adventure.

Once again, the board and the management team of SBMEI expresses its gratitude for the support of Philippine law enforcement authorities, including the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, and we are looking forward to the results of the investigation that’s being conducted now.

The park is open for business and operating normally. If you wish to continue to be part of the Ocean Adventure family, we fully encourage you to report for work. There are numerous rumors being perpetrated by Tai and his group that are simply not true. With a criminal case pending against him and others being actively prepared against members of his group, it is unlikely that Tai will ever return to the Philippines for fear of immediate arrest.

Management is on hand to address any employee concerns, and we welcome the opportunity to put this behind us, and begin moving towards a mutually beneficial future.