‘This Is Us’ Spinoff Plans On The Table? Dan Fogelman Reveals The Score

“This Is Us” aired a special stand-alone episode this week that featured three storylines. It revolved aroud th Pearson couple (Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia) but there were also two other storylines about Dr. K and the fireman who found one of the babies. Could “This Is Us” venture into a spinoff about these stories in the future?

The presentation has been one of the show’s most well-written episodes. It gave more insights to that fateful day that would change the lives of the Pearsons, but it also delved on characters that aren’t part of the main family.

Apparently, Dr. K had an interesting backstory as a widower who still couldn’t get over losing his wife. The fireman, on the other hand, initially wanted to take baby Randall home to save his failing marriage.

Creator Dan Fogelman revealed that at the moment a spinoff might be premature for a show that is still on its first year. ” I haven’t thought about it, not yet,” Fogelman said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Rather than doing a spinoff, I’d rather keep it within this series at first.”

Meanwhile, NBC has just announced that it has renewed “This Is Us” for two seasons with 18 episodes each. The series also stars Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown as the Pearson’s adult children. The show has been the number one new series to debut this season.