‘Westworld’ Actor Jimmi Simpson Won’t Be Back Next Season, Catch Him On ‘This Is Us’

Following the season finale of “Westworld” on Sunday, Dec. 5, Jimmi Simpson has confirmed that he will no longer be part of the show’s second season. The actor, however, isn’t sorry about the fate of his character as he’s grateful to be part of the show. He’s up for a guest spot on “This Is Us” this week.

Speaking with the Vanity Fair, Jimmi Simpson confirms that he’s not under contract to return to “Westworld” Season 2 on HBO. “My William has served his purpose. As of now, I’ll be done at the end of Season 1,” he told the media outlet.

The final scenes of the show reveals that his William is the younger version of Ed Harris’ character and the cast wasn’t aware of this twist until after they have done filming the series. Jimmi Simpson, however, had an inkling when his makeup was being done. He thought it was curious that the makeup artist wanted to shape his eyebrows a different way. That’s when he talked with Lisa Joy, one of the show’s creators, to confirm his assumptions.

While his fate on the show is sealed, things have picked up for the actor since his exposure in the show. Fresh off the success of “Westworld” season finale, the actor will be seen this Tuesday on “This Is Us.” It’s a one-off guest appearance where he works with Sterling K. Brown, an old buddy.

“Sterling Brown and I were non-Equity actors trying to get our Equity cards together in 1999 in Williamstown Theatre Festival, and we hit it off instantly,” he told TV Line. So when the opportunity came, Jimmi Simpson didn’t pass up the guest spot. “I have wanted to work with my friend, Sterling, for the last 18 years,” he said. “It was such a joyful day.”