‘Hawaii Five-O’ Actor Confirms Departure: Masi Oka Says Aloha, Goodbye!

Before Alex O’Loughlin can confirm he is leaving “Hawaii Five-O,” his co-star Masi Oka has already beat him to it. The actor announced that he’s leaving the series that he has become a part of regularly since Season 2.

Masi Oka plays Dr. Max Bergman, the medical examiner on “Hawaii Five-O.” But fans will still see him for a couple more episodes in the CBS series. His final episode is expected to air in 2017, on the 13th episode of the season. Rumer Willis will guest star as his wife.

“I just thought the character went through a major journey,” said Oka of his departure. “Character-wise, I felt like Max had done too much of everything he can do,” he added, according to TV Line.

The actor has also considered leaving the show because of conflicts with his schedule. The actor is based both in Los Angeles and Japan and only travels to the show’s setting in Hawaii when necessary for work, which in the last few seasons has been happening a lot. “I’m probably the only one who really commutes to Hawaii, maybe 18 times a year, round-trip.”

Oka doesn’t discount the possibility of returning to the show though, but in a limited capacity, Deadline reports.

Meanwhile, rumors have been loud about Alex O’Loughlin leaving the show after Season 8, as his contract stipulates.  If this does happen, producers are still contemplating on proceeding with the series without the actor.