One Direction Zayn Malik To Star On ‘Boys’ TV Drama Series

One Direction Zayn Malik is moving on to other projects. The former boyband member is in talks to star in “Boys,” a drama series about a group of guys who end up in a hitmaking boyband. It will be produced by Dick Wolf Productions, which is behind the hit crime series “Law & Order.”

Zayn Malik is supposedly in negotiations with Noelle Wolf, the wife of Dick Wolf and the producer of “Boys.” Apparently, the young heartthrob would like to kick off his career in acting, apart from charting his solo music career. It has been said that Zayn Malik originally wanted to become an actor in Hollywood even before he auditioned for “The X-Factor” in the U.K. in 2010.

The 23-year-old will also serve as executive producer for “Boys,” which is going to be on NBC. He’s also said to be quite excited to be working with Dick Wolf, who is legendary on American network television.

“The discussions are still ongoing and there is still a chance he may just play himself in the show,” a source revealed, via The Sun.  Dick Wolf Productions is said to be looking forward to working with Zayn Malik as well.

The One Direction member has been staying in Los Angeles for quite sometime since quitting his boyband. He and his girlfriend, American model Gigi Hadid, are reportedly staying together.