‘Jane The Virgin’ Changes Title As Jane Finally Loses It To Michael!

Chapter Forty-Seven
It finally happened! Jane (Gina Rodriguez) had her first sexual experience with husband Michael (Brett Dier) on “Jane the Virgin” in tonight’s episode. The show has been building up this big moment since the series debuted in 2014 and now that it has happened, viewers can expect “Jane the Virgin” to change its title.

The momentous episode was directed by actress Eva Longoria and it also featured Gloria and Emilio Estefan as guest stars. “Jane the Virgin” executive producer Jennie Synder Urman told Deadline that she had planned on this to happen from the very beginning.

“I’ve known the bones of the story and where it was going to go, and I did know that Jane would get married to Michael and have sex with him,” the showrunner said. Next week, when viewers watch “Jane the Virgin,” they can expect a line across the word “virgin.”

“Going forward, the title will evolve and be changed to reflect the developments in the particular episode, for instance, Jane, Who Got a Great New Job Opportunity,” Urman further said.

Meanwhile, “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez said that it was a roller coaster of emotions for her leading up to this big moment. “Sex scenes are not as comfortable as people think — not as intimate, not as sexual as people think,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly. However, she was grateful for the chance to work on this milestone with director Eva Longoria who made the scene more comfortable to do.

Catch “Jane the Virgin” Monday nights on The CW.