Shailene Woodley To Face The Jury In January Following Arrest For Protesting On Dakota Pipeline Access

Actress and activist Shailene Woodley is going to court and will be facing the jury in January 25. Following an incident involving a protest, which led to her temporary arrest in early October, the actress will be tried in court for trespassing and inciting a riot. Some 27 other activists will also be tried alongside the “Divergent” star.

Shailene Woodley joined the protest in North Dakota as residents say that the pipeline project, which cost $3.8 billion, has tainted water supply in the community.

“Every time we allow another pipeline … we are endorsing the fossil fuel industry and only prolonging the time it is going to take to switch to renewable energy,” the actress said to news reporters. Before Woodley was arrested, over 200 activists were also sent to jail for protesting.

“I was charged with criminally trespassing and with engaging in a riot. They didn’t say why. I made—I made a comment saying, “Is it because I’m Shailene Woodley, people maybe know who I am?” the actress said in an interview with  Democracy Now.

Shailene Woodley is currently out on bail. If convicted for her misdemeanor, she will be sent to two months in jail and fined $3,000.