Globe Telecoms Latest News and Update: Customer experience just got better with NICE solution

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Adopting NICE Total Voice of the Customer, Globe anchors its customer experience decisions in real-world data, collected and analyzed when it counts

Paramus, New Jersey, September 8, 2016 – NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced that Globe Telecom, the leading mobile brand in the Philippines, is the first telecommunications company in the nation to implement the NICE Total Voice of the Customer (TVOC) solution. Globe, which made customer satisfaction a keystone of its revitalized corporate strategy, has steadily improved on its customer experience capabilities.

Deployed across seven of the company’s customer-facing touchpoints (including the contact center, retail centers, self- service points, outbound calls, and more), NICE TVOC combines instant solicited feedback with sophisticated interaction analytics for deep insight into the drivers of customer satisfaction. This improved visibility into the customer journey has given Globe the ability to take immediate action for recovery, when necessary, as well as to identify best practices to be shared with all service representatives.

As part of the company’s strategy of putting the customer first, insights from the TVOC solution are being used to bring company services in line with customer expectations. TVOC is the latest addition to the portfolio of NICE enterprise solutions Globe has implemented for comprehensive and effective service, including applications for workforce management, interaction analytics and quality optimization.

Rebecca Eclipse, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Globe Telecom
“Globe chose to partner with NICE as part of our commitment to provide superior customer experience. Seeing that telco is a very dynamic space to be in, it is important for us get as much insight as we can about our customers so we can engage them at their ‘moment of truth’ and deliver real impact. Eventually, this will be our competitive edge, as we can quickly
identify opportunities to better serve our customers and immediately take action.”

Raghav Sahgal, President, NICE APAC
“We are proud to be partnering with Globe Telecom as it continues its journey to creating a perfect customer experience. Using the NICE Total Voice of the Customer solution, Globe is on a strong path to bolstering its engagement with both employees and customers in order to improve its customer experience leadership and achieve significant business impact.”