‘Wolverine’ Hugh Jackman Hanging His Claws, Guess Which DC Actor Wants To Take Over His Role?

The final installment of in the saga of “Wolverine” is finally coming to theaters in 2017. By this time, Hugh Jackman will be ready to hang his claws after playing the character for almost 18 years. With the actor ready to give up the iconic role, someone who has worked in DC Comics before is said to be willing to take over as Wolverine.

Johnathon Schaech said that he would like to have the chance to be Wolverine citing that its this character that really made him want to be an actor. Schaech made this declaration at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest.

Schaech has done comic book and superhero work in the past when he guest starred in the DC Comic series on The CW “Legends of Tomorrow.” Curiously, DC Comics is Marvel’s direct competition, which churns out the “X-Men” stories. It’s still unknown what Fox actually plans to do with the Wolverine franchise with Jackman essentially quitting the role. Fox has a deal with Marvel in developing the “X-Men” comic series in the movies on television.

Meanwhile, fans of the franchise will still get to see Jackman as Wolverine one last time when the third movie runs in theaters in March 2017.