‘Jane The Virgin’ Brings In Special Guest Star Eva Longoria

“Jane the Virgin” will have a big star coming in Season 3. The actors announced that they are booking actress Eva Longoria at the Marbella, the show’s fictional hotel. Cast member Jaime Camil shared a photo of Eva Longoria’s invite on his Instagram, which Andrea Navedo also shared on her social site.

Guess who is checking into the Marbella Hotel this Season? #JaneTheVirgin

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TV Guide reports that details to Eva Longoria’s guest appearance on “Jane the Virgin” are still undiscolosed. It is not clear how her character will fit into the storyline just yet, but “Jane the Virgin” has done stunt casting before with Britney Spears checking in at the hotel.

“Jane the Virgin” Season 3 is set to premiere on Oct. 17 on The CW and fans have been curious to find out what really happened to Michael. Brett Dier, who plays the character, has been in the set during filming, but it is still unclear if his character has escaped death. Michael was shot during “Jane the Virgin’s” cliffhanger last season.