‘Suits’ Season 6 Spoilers: Mike’s Prison Strategy, Frank And Harvey’s Past, Show Ending In Season 7?

“Suits” returns to USA Network for its sixth season and the first episode revealed that Mike Ross should never trust anyone in prison. How will he be able to protect his friend and boss, Harvey Specter, from the inmate who is out to get him? Aaron Korsh, the showrunner, revealed some details about what’s ahead for “Suits” in the next episodes.

Who is Frank who attempted to make friends with Mike in prison, only to stab him in the back? Why is he after Harvey Specter? Korsh reveals that more will be told about Frank and Harvey’s story in the second episode. “That rolls out over time. [Harvey’s] natural reaction is to get Mike out, but he can’t get Mike out,” he said, per TV Guide.

While in prison, Mike will strategize and attempt to make allies to protect himself against Frank. “Mike is a very resourceful, intelligent, good-hearted young man. He’s able to form bonds with people and also, with his brain, concoct a strategy to deal with this problem he’s got.”

The rest of Season 6 will be with little drama in the relationship between Mike and Rachel. There will be challenges but both characters will manage to survive this. Louis Litt will have a new love interest this season with Donna serving as his wingman (person).

As for the longevity of the show, Korsh told Hollywood Reporter that Season 7 might be the show’s last. “Practically speaking with people’s contracts, we don’t know who’s leaving. But the real thing is I’m just trying to get through this season. I’m 98 percent sure we’re going to have a season seven.”