‘Pokemon’ Live-Action Film Back In Development? Popularity of ‘Pokemon Go’ Brings More Possibilities For Franchise

“Pokemon Go” has become a certified hit for Nintendo. The mobile game app developed for the company along with Niantic has increased Nintendo’s market value in billions. The app itself has amassed a big following within days of its release. With its success, talks about a potential live-action adaptation of “Pokemon” has begun. In fact, it has been in contention for quite some time.

Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures is almost set to get the deal to do the live-action movie for “Pokemon.” The details to the film are still unclear, but the news outlet notes that a live-action has been in the books before, but no deals came to fruitition.

“Pokemon” started off a video game that has been popular in Japan for over 20 years. This popularity picked up worldwide and has spawned different iterations including an animated series as well as an animated movie.

With its revival, thanks to the mobile app, “Pokemon” is more popular than ever before. Deadline additionally reports that the planned live-action “Pokemon” film might finally happen this time around.

Meanwhile, “Pokemon Go” has yet to reach Asia and Europe mobile users, but it has already taken over many users’ activities in North America and Australia, per Bloomberg. In fact, the gaming app is so popular these days that even U.S. Military servicemen have been spotted catching Pokemon in the augmented reality game. The app is free on Google Play and iOS, but the add-ons are paid.