Prize-winner Gary Custodio’s Most Recent Abstract On View at Ysobel Art Gallery

There Show

Gary Custodio
Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception – July 2, 2016, Saturday, 6:00PM
July 2 – 13, 2016

Gary Custodio’s newest one-man exhibition titled “There” is an abstract representation of the artist’s childhood experience. It is inspired by the artist’s experience of relocating from one area to another until a final permanent settlement was found. In the province, the artist recalls, life was far from easy–in most cases, it was unquestionably necessary to migrate from one distinct site to another. The artist frames an abstract perception of this specific experience and offers the viewer a chance to play with the intertwined ideas of uncertainty and ambiguity.

There, according to the artist, pertains to either the “undefined location” or the act of pointing to a non-particular direction typically by pouting the lips, which is basically a typical Filipino gesture. The artist relates this to a common encounter in the past –“When I was very young, whenever somebody asked me where I live, I’d simply say ‘there.'” This is what he uses to create an aesthetic experience that allows the ambiguous quality of art to be highlighted.

Works included in the series called “Three Houses” are what Custodio considers as key pieces in the exhibition. These works showcase the artist’s ability to construct a distinctive geography of lines, shapes, color, and pattern, while varying shades of blue and gray dominate the canvases.

There will open on July 02, 2016 at Ysobel Art Gallery, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City. To know more about the exhibition, please contact Mark Tiongco at /0928-5071117/5764758/