‘Orange Is The New Black’ Samira Wiley Books Role In ‘You’re The Worst’

Fans of “Orange Is The New Black” may still be reeling from what happened in Season 4. Netflix released all of “OINTB’s” 13 episodes on Friday, June 17, and quite a number already know what happened to the character, Poussey, played by Samira Wiley.

The shock might be one of the series’ most unexpected and unforgettable events. It might take awhile for viewers of “OINTB” to accept the truth that Poussey is gone.

But followers of the actress don’t have to worry about missing the actress on television, as she has already booked her next gig. Samira Wiley is going to become part of “You’re The Worst,” the critically acclaimed comedy and drama series on FX.

Per Vulture, the latest season of “You’re The Worst” will begin in August, where she will play the therapist. “You’re The Worst” also stars Aya Cash as Gretchen who is going through serious depression.

Meanwhile, Wiley said that when the cast of “Orange Is The New Black” filmed her defining scene, it took awhile for the others to get their bearing as they had been crying after reading the script and learning of Poussey’s fate. But Wiley wants everyone to know, especially her fans, that  she is doing okay. Her being part of the show has totally changed her life and for that, she’s always grateful she became part of “OINTB.”

“I’m so honored people do have a love for Poussey. They feel connected to her in a way that is special and different,” said Wiley.

“Orange Is The New Black” Season 4 is already streaming on Netflix.