iPhone 7 Latest News and Rumors: New Home Button Included, Dual Camera Lens Not?

iPhone 5s [Our Daily News Online property]
iPhone 5s [Our Daily News Online property]

iPhone 7 may sport a touch-sensitive home button for secure and waterproofing improvement

Apple may have placed itself in a tight situation with a less than impressive iPhone 7 expected to come out this August.

With the Cupertino company opting to forego any major improvements to their iPhone flagship, the sales outlook the iPhone 7 carries is not promising.

The iPhone 7 is believed to be something that will look almost similar to the iPhone 6s though thinner and some few enhancements.

The small improvements of the iPhone 7

To date, rumors have it that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be slimmer, made possible with the removal of the 3.5 mm jack.

Aside from that, the iPhone 7 will allegedly have a basic model with 32 GB of storage (compared to the traditional 16 GB), a powerful processor and a dual-lens camera. The lot doesn’t sound that impressive but those may have to do for now.

The story behind the home button

The latest big rumor has to do with the iteration of the physical home button. There will still be a home button though it will be something in level with the rest of the bezel. It will likely be backed by Touch ID but more importantly aid in address waterproofing issues per Forbes.

With the removal of the physical home button, this means that accidental spills or water entry will be minimized – translating to lesser worries as far as seeing your iPhone conk out due to unwanted water intrusion.

This report stemmed from leaked photos from Mobipicker who claims that the photos are authentic and refer to the next iPhone 7.

Dual-camera spurned?

While the home button is unlikely to stir up that much interest, additional bad news was bared along with the leaked iPhone 7 photos.

The bad news is that the iPhone 7 doesn’t look like it will have the dual-lens camera module after all. Apparently the company is having technical problems of fitting it inside the device which likely means that this will be another feature taken out.

With the features whittled down all the more, will the iPhone 7 even make a difference for Apple in terms of sales this year?