Apple Watch 2 to Launch Simultaneously with the iPhone 7

Apple Watch [photo credit:  Andreas Kambanis via Flickr]
Apple Watch [photo credit:
Andreas Kambanis via Flickr]
Apple is expected to unveil new products this September, headlined by the iPhone 7. But as with previous events from the Cupertino company, there are others expected to steal the scene.

One product that may have been overlooked is the Apple Watch 2. The Apple wearable was initially expected to debut at WWDC 2016 slated for next week but some technical issues have forced Apple to push back its unveiling.

With the Apple Watch 2 pulled, the logical scenario would be to see the smart wearable by the Fall and alongside the slightly tweaked iPhone 7 phone flagships per Times of India. Given the added time allowance leading to September, the period should be more than enough for Apple to address the technical issues for the Apple Watch 2.

This means that customers who were awed with the first Apple Watch that came out back in September, 2014 will have to wait a couple of months more. The features of the Apple Watch 2 are still kept under wraps though the rumor mills has bared a couple of potential things that smart wearable could come with.

Among the key improvements that the Apple Watch 2 is expected to carry has to do with the battery life as well as a potential new design.

Battery life has been singled out as a key concern for the Apple Watch, particularly for the heavy users. A bigger battery is suggested as a solution though that could alter the overall design. If not the battery, Apple could resort to upgrading the internal specs like chips and other components.

Tied up with the battery life issue is the screen the Apple Watch 2 will use. It is expected to sport the same OLED display courtesy of LG, the same supplier where the existing screens of the Apple Watch originated.

One feature that the Apple Watch 2 could carry as well is more flexibility on users when making calls. It could come with a FaceTime camera as pointed out by 9to5mac, allowing potential owners to make video calls when needed.

Other than those, other features likely tied up to health will be integrated as well. With most of these still unofficial, the best thing to do right now is wait of its official release in September.