DisplayNet Ushers in a New Era of AV Connectivity

Powerful Suite of New AV-over-10GbE Products on Display at InfoComm16

MARIETTA, Ga., /PRNewswire/ — DVIGear®, a leading manufacturer of digital connectivity products, is exhibiting a suite of new DisplayNet™ AV-over-10GbE products at InfoComm 2016. By leveraging the power of 10GbE Ethernet technology, DisplayNet™ renders traditional AV matrix switchers obsolete and is the ideal solution for small, medium, large and massive AV signal distribution systems. DisplayNet™ will be exhibited at InfoComm16 in Las Vegas, NV on June 8-10 at Booth C7141.

DisplayNet™ – A New Era of AV Connectivity

For almost a decade, AV systems have been designed primarily around proprietary AV matrix switchers. While this technology has been widely deployed, its capabilities are quickly being eclipsed by the superior features offered by DisplayNet™ AV-over-10GbE technology.

DisplayNet™ leverages 10GbE Ethernet to switch, extend and distribute uncompressed AV signals in real time with resolutions up to 4K (UHD). DisplayNet™ provides unmatched image quality with zero frame latency, zero compression and zero artifacts. It also supports a wide range of applications including point-to-point Extension, limitless Matrix Switching, Video Wall Display and MultiViewer*.

DisplayNet™ harnesses the power and cutting edge technology behind the massive global deployment of 10GbE switches used in data centers across the world. Unlike traditional AV matrix switchers that are based on closed, proprietary designs, 10GbE switches utilize open technology proven to provide an extremely efficient and reliable way to move immense amounts of data in real time. The 10GbE standard itself represents decades of collaborative development from the world’s leading IT technology companies. The combined innovation, cost, efficiency, scalability and 24/7/365 reliability make 10GbE switches a vastly superior solution for AV signal distribution.

Unlike traditional AV matrix switchers, the number of endpoints in a DisplayNet™ system is only limited by the number available 10GbE switch ports. Since 10GbE is fully duplex (10Gbps upstream and downstream), any switch port can be assigned to a DisplayNet™ transmitter or receiver unit. I/O arrays of virtually any size are possible by proper selection of the central 10GbE switch. The embedded intelligence in all DisplayNet™ endpoints enables units to be hot-plugged and recognized by the system within a few seconds. This feature allows systems to be easily reconfigured and/or expanded in the field without the need for extensive programming. DisplayNet™ isn’t just new technology; it’s a new paradigm for AV system integration. Welcome to the future.

DisplayNet™ at InfoComm16

At InfoComm16 in Las Vegas, DVIGear will exhibit its latest suite of DisplayNet™ products at Booth C7141. The cornerstone of this range is the DN-100 series. DN-100TX transmitter unit accepts multiple source signals including HDMI (with embedded audio and HDCP), analog stereo audio, bidirectional IR, RS-232, and 1GbE Ethernet. These input signals are packetized into a single 10GbE link, without the use of CODECs, and are distributed to destinations via an off-the-shelf 10GbE network switch using a single CAT6a or CAT7 cable up to 328 ft. (100 meters). The 10GbE switch provides a highly efficient and reliable means of distributing AV signals from many sources to an array of DN-100RX receiver units, which convert the packetized 10GbE data to AV output signals at the destinations in real time without frame latency or any loss of image quality.

The DN-100 Series distributes uncompressed video with resolutions up to 4K /30p (4:4:4) and 4K /60p (4:2:0) without image artifacts and without frame latency. Video signals may be routed in Point-to-Point, Matrix Switching and Video Wall modes all in the same system. For optimum flexibility, each signal plane (Video, Audio, IR, RS-232, etc.) can be routed completely independently from one another. Advanced audio features are supported, including: networked audio, audio embedding, de-embedding and down-mixing. DN-100 Series transmitter and receiver units are controlled by a DisplayNet Server™, which includes powerful DisplayNet Manager™ software that enables the system to be managed using any third party controller using simple Telnet commands.

The next generation of the DisplayNet™ product family will also be on display at the show. The DN-110 Series provides all the features of the DN-100 Series plus support for Full-Speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbps.). The DN-120 Series offers similar capabilities, while providing signal distribution over fiber optic media using industry standard SFP+ optical modules. These next generation products begin shipping in September 2016.

DVIGear will also show a preview of future DisplayNet™ technology including support for HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, DisplayPort 1.2 and internal scaling. Scaling in the transmitter units will enable MultiViewer applications, and scaling in future receiver units will enable more robust Video Wall capabilities as well as full seamless switching regardless of input resolution.