‘Agent Carter’ To Return After Cancellation? Star Haley Atwell Wants This To Happen

prematurely cancelled the superhero series “Agent Carter” after two seasons. The network might have considered that it had enough time to find it stride before pulling the plug completely. But the show still has a following, especially from superhero and comic book geeks and they have launched a campaign directed at Netflix. Will the streaming site pick “Agent Carter” after cancellation?

Its star, Haley Atwell, who plays Peggy Carter, the lead in the “Agent Carter” series is reportedly not opposed to the idea, per Hit Fix. However, Haley Atwell is already committed to another TV show on the same network. With “Conviction” set to start in the fall, the actress will have a busy schedule ahead of her, should her new show do well in the ratings.

But Haley Atwell said that she’s willing to shoot “Agent Carter” on the weekends if Netflix does pick this up. It should be noted that Netflix already has three other Marvel superhero series in its roster and it looks like they are still planning to add more from the studio.

ABC cancelled “Agent Carter” due to ratings problem and in doing so, fans were not able to get some proper send off or closure. If the show went on to a third season, it would have wrapped things up nicely. Thus, an extended run on Netflix might just be the answer.