PR- Tristram Miravalles solo show at ArtistSpace Ayala Museum

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Surviving The Burning Fields
Tristram Miravalles
Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception –June 2, 2016, Thursday, 6PM
June 2 – 15, 2016

This June, ArtistSpace and Ysobel Art Gallery, in collaboration with the Rotary Club Makati West (RCMW) and Pedro Brewcrafters, present “Surviving the Burning Fields”, the solo exhibition of Tristram Miravalles.

In the exhibition, the artist paints a strange, dissonant and corrupt world and impresses on the idea of futility and unconsciously summons the idea of the absurd where the pursuit for the meaning of life and the uncertainty of finding an answer is expressed in how his characters pine and struggle for a place and meaning in an irrational world.

The exhibition constructs a world that is in a perpetual melee and surveys themes of life and death, human conditions, and limitations, freedoms, and volitions, as well as subjectivities, and agencies.

It sets itself in a dyspeptic environment full of transgressions and malevolent activities fixating on substance abuse as witnessed by the artist.

The exhibition locates itself in the immediate reality basking in the peculiarities of experiences operating on personal and social contradictions.

It is a registry of Miravalles’ observations of the chaos that besiege him and his trepidations regarding his position in all of these.