‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast News: BVS Lex Luthor, Jesse Eisenberg, Wants To Be On The Show

The actor who played Lex Luthor on “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” would like to guest star on “The Big Bang Theory.” Jesse Eisenberg expressed his interest of appearing in the CBS comedy series while speaking at an event in London. He was with one of the TV show’s star Kunal Nayyar and they were promoting their play at the West End, “The Spoils.”

Eisenberg is so intent on being on “The Big Bang Theory” that he already spoke with the show’s creator Chuck Lorre. He proposed he could play Nayyar’s character’s biological brother.  “No one says anything about it. No questions asked. I come right off the plane from Delhi, I walk in, no one questions it,” he told the audience, per Radio Times.

Eisenberg’s other co-star on “The Spoils” is also a part of the TV show and Melissa Rauch has another suggestions in case the actor’s pitch to Lorre doesn’t work out. “I want to birth Jesse Eisenberg!” Rauch said, referring to her character’s upcoming baby on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Rauch and Nayyar have been big influences of Eisenberg into loving the comedy series. The guy who plays Lex Luthor watches episodes on London television as it is on most nights. “The Big Bang Theory” returns for its tenth season in the Fall on CBS.

Meanwhile, “The Spoils” will begin its run from June 2 to August 13, where Eisenberg plays Ben. The play’s synopsis: “Nobody likes Ben. Ben doesn’t even like Ben. He bullies everyone in his life, including his roommate Kalyan, an earnest Nepalese immigrant. When Ben discovers that his school crush is marrying a straight-laced banker, he sets out to destroy their relationship and win her back.”