‘Blade’ Reboot With Wesley Snipes Coming On Netflix?

“Blade” might be heading to Netflix to join other fictional comic book heroes like “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage.” The daywalker and vampire hunter was rumored for a remake years ago, but the buzz around it has died down.

Now, it looks like the reboot is on the table again as Movie Creed Live reports Netflix is planning to bring the story into its streaming service.  Rights to “Blade” was apparently already brought by Marvel and there were speculations he would appear in the “Avengers” movies but this has yet to happen. Incidentally, Marvel has been doing a lot of TV shows for Netflix, thus it might be more logical to bring the character’s story to the site.

Wesley Snipes, who played “Blade” for the big screen, chimed in about the possibility of his character becoming a television show. “Ball’s in Marvel’s court,” said the actor on Twitter. “When it comes to another BLADE, there’s always a possibility. #SharpeningMyTeeth,” he added.