Death Comes To ‘Blindspot’ In Season One Finale

Blindspot” will air its finale for season one on Monday, May 23, on NBC. But while the show is returning for Season 2 in the fall, not every character will make it.

TV Guide reports that someone is going to die on “Blindspot” Season Finale and whoever is the perpetrator will also come as a surprise. The producers call this episode as its “most emotional” yet. Will this character be Bethany Mayfair (played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste), the head of the FBI’s special unit?

In the last episode, Mayfair was shown to be in big trouble with the law. Jane (played by Jaimie Alexander) finally learned that she was only being used by an operative, Oscar, to frame Mayfair and this conflict should finally come to a close at the end of “Blindspot” Season 1.

The finale will also trigger clues that will be the framework for “Blindspot” Season 2 which will be back in the fall on NBC. This is still in connection with the identity of Jane as Taylor Shaw, which is part of the show’s original storyline. One character, potentially Kurt Weller (played by Sullivan Stapleton), will want to get to the bottom of Taylor’s real persona in the coming season. “Blindspot” Season 1 Finale will show that Taylor Shaw is not all that she’s cracked up to be.

Will you be tuning to the finale of “Blindspot” Season 1?