Channing Tatum Brings ‘Magic Mike’ Live To Vegas – Look At The Men Joining Him!

Channing Tatum is spinning off “Magic Mike” in Vegas and the men will be dancing live. The actor announced his plans on social media Wednesday and after the buzz died down, he also shared the photo of the men who will be joining him.

Take a look at the guys who will be joining Channing Tatum on “Magic Mike” live in Vegas.

The actor said that the show will be at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Sin City and will begin its run on March 17, 2017. Time reports that the production is mounted in part with Cosmopolitan. God knows, we have enough gentlemen’s clubs in this world, so let’s start the first ‘gentle-ladies club’… or maybe not so gentle, depends on what you’re into,” Channing said in a video post on Twitter  “I don’t know. We need to know — we’re not mind readers.”