Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins ‘Why We’re Killing Gunther’ Comedy With Colbie Smulders, Taran Killam

(RELEASED BY FLEET IMAGING COMMAND PACIFIC)The Terminator is going to make you laugh as Arnold Schwarzenegger joins the comedy “Why We’re Killing Gunther.” The film will also star “Saturday Night Live’s” Taran Killam, who will also serve as the director and writer. Killam’s real-life wife, Cobie Smulders from “How I Met Your Mother,” is also in the cast.

Deadline reports that  the governor and action star will be playing the role of Gunther, a hitman who tends to brag a lot about his achievements. Gunther comes across a group of international assassins who decide they have enough of him. So, they pursue Gunther in order to eliminate him.

Details to the role of Killam and his wife have not been revealed, but it should be noted that the two stars haven’t had a project together before “Why We’re Killing Gunther.” The couple have two children and were dating for several years before they got engaged and married in 2012.

Also starring in “Why We’re Killing Gunther” are Paul Brittain and Bobby Moynihan from “Saturday Night Live,” Ryan Gaul from “House of Lies, Kumail Nanjiani from “Silicon Valley and Randall Park from “Fresh Off the Boat.”

Killam is also one of the producers of the movie, which is expected to begin production in June. This isn’t the first comedy flick for Arnold Schwarzenegger though as he has done “Twins” with Danny De Vito in the 1990s.