Labor group dares Presidentiables to ‘Walk the Talk’ on contractualization

Labor group dares Presidentiables to ‘Walk the Talk’ on contractualization

IN A press conference held in Quezon City, a coalition of union presidents challenged all candidates vying for the presidency to regularize their employees now and not simply pledge to act on the scourge of contractualization only after an electoral victory in the May National elections.

“All politicians will promise heaven on earth to edge out their rivals but since all of them has spoken against contractualization, the next best thing for them to do is walk the talk and begin with their own companies and those they have investments in,” said Crisanto Ami, official of Union Presidents Against Contractualization (UPAC) and the union president of Dusit Thani Hotel.

“If they truly disapprove of contractualization and its disempowering impact to the lives of more than seventy percent of the forty one million national labor force in both the public and private sector then it would be admirable for them to practice what they preach,” he added.

The veteran labor leader took notice that all candidates have released statements condemning contractual labor but has done nothing concrete during their incumbency at the respective posts to prevent the systemic onslaught of workers even after the Kentex fire in Valenzuela City last year.

Ami cited that among the presidentiables only Miriam Defensor Santiago filed a resolution before the Senate to conduct an inquiry on the alleged promotion of contractual employment by the labor department in its Department Order 18-A two days after the Kentex tragedy.

“With media hounding these politicians everyday and dissecting their every statement, candidates may speak all they want about the evils of contractualization but are only negating each other. Worse, words without actions particularly during the campaign period will only reinforce their Trapo (traditional politician) image”.

UPAC leaders also took a swipe at candidates who have long been in government service but only recently have taken a position against contractualization and have the gall to ask the ranks organized labor for its votes when they have done nothing during their incumbency.

“With only more than three weeks into the campaign, it will be crucial for all presidentiables to take up our challenge and prove their sincerity and worth to the electorate by regularizing their employees, divest from companies who employ contractual, disengage from their financiers who employ thousands of temps in their workforce as well as endorse local candidates known to be in the business of sub-contracting labor,” he explained.

The group likewise announced that they are willing to support any candidate who takes up on their challenge. .

Ami clarified that, “Organized labor even with its dwindling numbers is a crucial voting bloc and can effectively influence the electoral results since the top bets are statistically tied, based on recent surveys”.

UPAC also announced that they shall be holding a rally at the office of labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz Monday next week to denounce the department’s circumvention of labor laws and her rabid anti-workers stint for the past six years.