Floyd Mayweather Next Fight: Will Adrien Broner Get a Shot at Former Pound-for-Pound King?

Will Floyd Mayweather come out of retirement to face Adrien Broner? [Photo: Flickr / Bryan Horowitz / CC]
Will Floyd Mayweather come out of retirement to face Adrien Broner? [Photo: Flickr / Bryan Horowitz / CC]
Former world champion Adrien Broner recently called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. But can “The Problem” lure the former pound-for-pound king out from retirement?

Showtime Sports executive Stephen Espinoza does not believe Mayweather is interested in facing Broner, who is coming off a ninth-round knockout win over Ashley Theophane earlier this month.

Broner, who absorbed verbal jabs from Mayweather heading into his bout against Theophane, said after winning that he will not treat the boxing superstar as his big brother anymore and added that the Grand Rapids native will not be 50-0 if he decides to fight him later this year.

Reacting to the rumored bout between Mayweather and Broner, Espinoza thinks the 39-year-old retired superstar is not taking the challenge seriously. Mayweather actually said that Broner’s challenge was the “biggest joke” he heard on April fool’s day.

“My sense — I didn’t get a chance to ask him about a Broner fight that night but just reading his reaction — I’m not sure that it was really all that interesting to him, just judging by his reaction right after the fight,” Espinoza told RingTV.

On the other hand, veteran boxer Juan Manuel Marquez also sounded uninterested in the proposed Mayweather-Broner fight. The former world champion said in a recent interview with BoxingScene that the bout between Mayweather and Broner will be boring because of the fighting styles of both fighters.

“Tell me, what do you think of this fight? I think it is a boring fight,” Marquez said. “The styles. When you want to fight a great fight look at the style of the fighter. Broner doesn’t like to fight. Mayweather doesn’t like to fight.”

Mayweather, who racked up 49 wins in as many fights in his career, announced his retirement following a unanimous decision win against Andre Berto in September last year. Espinoza thinks, though, that Mayweather will eventually come out of retirement and is just waiting for the perfect fight and opponent to come.