‘Downton Abbey’ Movie: What’s Going On And What Could Have Been For Matthew & Sybil

Loyal viewers of “Downton Abbey” are still hoping that a movie is happening, months after the show ended its run on television. Its actors have already moved on with other projects, but in getting together for a special event for the Emmys, its former stars dished what’s going on.

Leslie Nicol (Mrs. Patmore) and Allen Leech (Tom Branson) said that as far as they know creator Julian Fellowes is writing the script for “Downton Abbey” the movie, per Deadline. It’s been widely reported that the actors all want to return to filming and will do so when the movie project pushes through.

Negotiations with Fellowes for the movie have been on-going since the show’s sixth and final season. But there are certain kinks to iron out, including the budget of the film, as Parent Herald reports. For now, the stars, just like the viewers, are still waiting for the final word from the powers that be.

Leech also revealed that this character was only supposed to be in the show for three episodes and that the original story was supposed to pair Matthew and Sybil together. But as viewers are aware, Matthew ended up with Mary and Sybil ended up with Tom. However, Matthew and Sybil died in the earlier seasons and Mary and Tom, now in-laws, became the best of friends.

On hindsight, Leech said that it would be awkward for the show to pursue a deeper relationship for Mary and Tom. ““I think it was always just a friendship,” he insisted.