‘Criminal Minds’ Teases Prentiss’ Return: The Timing Is Perfect!

Fans might not love the idea of Shemar Moore leaving “Criminal Minds,” but this Wednesday will see a familiar face back as Paget Brewster guest stars.

Brewster starred as Emily Prentiss in the series and she’s back at the BAU to help capture of a copycat killer. “She was kind of having nightmares about this guy and the fact that he eluded her, so she has been on high alert to see where he pops up next, because he has a very clear killing pattern,” said “Criminal Minds” showrunner Erica Messer, via TV Line.

It’s not the first time Prentiss is returning since the actress left the series. She was also in the show’s 200th episode, which aired in 2014 and had plan on doing more recurring episodes. But since then, Brewster has guest starred on other shows and she has recently wrapped up filming for her comedy series “Grandfathered” on Fox. Had Prentiss been more available, her visits to the BAU would have been done earlier and more frequent.

But now Messer said it’s just the right time to have her. “The timing couldn’t have been more perfect,” she said, alluding to the departure of Moore last week. “We really wanted to do something big after Shemar [Moore] left and there’s nothing greater than bringing back our sweet Emily Prentiss.”

Watch the teaser to “Criminal Minds” Season 11 Episode 19 below: