‘Cruel Intentions’ Reboot: Sarah Michelle Geller Dyed Her Hair Brunette, Actress Preparing For Return?

Sarah Michelle Gellar is no longer sporting her honey-blonde hair. The actress revealed on her Instagram that she has dyed her hair darker, which might be in preparation for her appearance on the “Cruel Intentions” reboot.

Gellar revealed that she’s loving her new brown hair in the post. But while she didn’t say what this color change was for, she also posted the script cover to the pilot episode of “Cruel Intentions.”

#brownhairdontcare (actually kind of love it!!) thank you everyone @andylecomptesalon

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How I am spending the 17 anniversary of the release of #cruelintentions #Crueltv

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Gellar, who played the cunning  Kathryn Merteuil in the original film that ran in theaters in 1999, was asked to reprise her role in the TV adaptation. Gellar starred with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe in the film, but their roles have been recast for the series.

Kate Levering is set to play Witherspoon’s Annette, while casting is still on-going for the rest of the key roles.

The “Cruel Intentions” reboot will be set 15 years after the film, where Kathryn attempts to take control of her father’s empire and the life of her brother’s son, Bash. Bash discovers her father’s journal, which detailed sexual exploits and corruption from nearly two decades ago.

The show is set for NBC for next season, per Deadline.