Intel Security Expands Partner Ecosystem

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Integrated Solutions Deliver Enhanced Security Capabilities, Simplifying Threat Defense Lifecycle for Customers

·Intel Security Innovation Alliance expands partner ecosystem, bringing the total number of partners to more than 150.

·Siemens and Intel Security collaborate to help protect industrial automation systems from increased cyber threats.

·BT and Intel Security plan to create new solutions to help organizations improve security and prevent cyber-attacks.

Philippines, March 2, 2016 – Intel Security today announced several major strategic initiatives, from the expansion of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance to collaborations with Siemens and BT. These initiatives build on Intel Security’s commitment to help customers address the increasingly urgent need to shorten response times when advanced targeted attack occur and more easily remediate compromised systems, leading to a simplified and more automated threat defense lifecycle.

“In the current security environment, collaboration and integration is more important than ever to create a strong security posture,” said Tom Fountain, vice president of Strategy and Business Development. “Our goal is to become our customer’s number one security partner. In doing so, we remain committed to working across the industry to deliver solutions that detect new threats more quickly and enable automated workflows to correct issues as they arise.”

Intel Security and its Partners Empower Customers to Build a Unified, Connected Security Ecosystem
Intel Security is leading the way not just in integrating its management platform, security information and event management (SIEM) tools, threat intelligence solutions, threat data sharing technology, advanced persistent threat protection and automated detection and response capabilities—with more than 150 partners in more than a dozen security markets.

The Intel Security Innovation Alliance technology partnering program accelerates the development of interoperable security products that converge with Intel Security’s integrated, connected security system and reinforce detect, protect, and correct processes across the threat defense lifecycle. This expanded portfolio of tightly integrated products and specialized solutions simplifies and expedites deployment of security solutions within complex enterprise environments, to help customers resolve more threats, faster, and with fewer resources in a more complex world. Intel Security Innovation Alliance partners deliver solutions that maximize the value of existing investments, reduce time to resolution, and lower operational costs.

McAfee Data Exchange Layer Enables Threat Intelligence Sharing Across Multivendor Security Products
As part of the key technologies that form the foundation of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance program, McAfee Data Exchange Layer is an underlying communications fabric technology that not only connects Intel Security products, but also connects products from other vendors. This open, yet secure framework connects multivendor security products and enables them to exchange information, makes customers’ security tools work more efficiently and effectively. More than 20 partners in the Intel Security Innovation Alliance have completed or are currently in the process of integrating to McAfee Data Exchange Layer.