One-button safety alarm launches on Kickstarter


One-button personal safety alarm launches on Kickstarter

You have an alarm for your car. You have an alarm for your home. Why not have a Personal Safety Alarm that lets people know you’re in trouble at the push of a button?

With the new YEPZON™ FREEDOM, a one-button Personal Safety Alarm means that friends, family and first-responders know your location immediately. The elderly, solo travelers and lost or missing young children and pets will be located in minutes.

And with a built-in, worldwide locating device — and a battery that will last as long as one year when used as a Personal Safety Alarm-Only — people can come to your rescue.

But this is far more than a Personal Safety Alarm. The YEPZON™ FREEDOM will be the single most versatile Personal Safety Alarm and Global Locator on the market with 3 Modes of Operation:

• Activate Only the Personal Safety Alarm Button
• Activate Only the Locating Device
• Activate Both Personal Safety Alarm and Locating Device

The YEPZON™ FREEDOM will offer constant tracking — different from Standard GPS locators that use intervals and are therefore less accurate.

Why will the next generation offer the absolute best location information in the world — even indoors? Because the new device will have all of the following technologies:

• 3G
• WiFi

The YEPZON™ FREEDOM will be paired to local cell phone by WiFi and has 100% data security. The new device, with an embedded SIM card inside, does not require constant charging and has no distance limitation.

The need for a simple, reliable solution led us to our first commercial product, the Yepzon One ( The number one question was: “When will the device work as a personal safety alarm on its own?” Well, we’re proud to say that we can finally answer that question.

With your support, YEPZON™ FREEDOM will be the only device available that works as both a Personal Safety Alarm and the world’s best Global Locator for the elderly, kids, valuables, solo travelers and others who want a simple, one-button solution to personal safety.

Why is it better than a smartphone? Because the new device:

• Has a very long battery life. We’re talking about several months depending on the setting (as opposed to maybe 8 hours for your cell phone).
• Alerts multiple members from your circle of friends and family with one button. No need to thumb multiple numbers and texts into a phone in the middle of an emergency.
• Instantly sends, and updates, your location to all those in your group.
• Is also made for children and the elderly who may not have access or the ability to employ cell phones during an emergency.

One button reaches out to multiple people and lets them know your precise location — with no distance limitations, no battery problems, automatic location announcements and updates, and no need to spend time thumbing through cell phone numbers (assuming the battery even has life).

According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 2,000 children are reported missing each day in the United States, and more than 100 per day are cited as “stranger abduction.” These numbers grow higher when we consider the elderly, children with autism, pets and other vulnerable groups.

Every year, 10 million pets go missing. With the long battery life of the YEPZON™ FREEDOM, you will be able to find your pet’s location with one click — keeping your pets safe and sound. And there’s one especially important feature for pet owners: It cannot be turned off accidentally because there are no On/Off buttons.

Cost & Production Timeline

The retail price will be $159 + $4.95 monthly usage, covering USA and Europe, and will be charged through the app. We’ve finished the design and our established partners are in alignment — with shipping date in September 2016. But we need help to get the YEPZON™ FREEDOM into your homes. We hope you’ll join us. Thank you!