Lea Michele and Matthew Paetz are Done

480px-Lea_Michele_by_David_ShankboneLea Michele and with Matthew Paetz are no longer a couple after two years of dating. A source confirmed that the breakup happened “all of a sudden and without warning,” E!Online reports.

It was Paetz who apparently broke off with the actress two weeks ago and he has been avoiding talking to anyone about the incident. “She got no reason or explanation for the split,” said the source.

Before the breakup, Paetz was the subject of rumors linking him to his past work as a “companion” servicing women, but despite this Michele threw her support for her then-boyfriend.

“Lea wanted to believe in love and wanted to believe the good in him. She didn’t think he should be punished for his past.”

Meanwhle, another source said that the couple’s relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing for a while as they have had many spats. For now, she’s putting focus on her work and is receiving lots of support from friends.

The two first met while doing her music video “On My Way.”  A year before meting Paetz, Michele was nursing her grief over the death of her boyfriend and former “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith.