‘Hunger Games’ Actor Josh Hutcherson Heads to TV with ‘Future Man’ Series

495px-Josh_Hutcherson_2012 Josh Hutcherson, who played Peeta in “The Hunger Games” opposite Jennifer Lawrence, is doing a TV show next. The actor is poised to star in “Future Man,” a comedy series set on Hulu.

The show is from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and  will follow the life of a janitor, Josh Futturman, who is addicted to a video game called “Cybergeddon.”  A curious incident follows after Josh wins in the game and he finds himself saving the world from extinction.

Both Rogen and Goldberg will be directing the pilot episode from a script written by Ariel Schaffir and Kyle Hunter. Hutcherson will also serve as producer in the series.

Apart from this TV show project, Hutcherson will be seen on the big screen next with fils like “The Long Home” and “The Disaster Artist,” which have been directed by James Franco.

The release of “Future Man” on Hulu is still undetermined.