Paul McCartney, Beatles Legend, Rejected at Grammy After-Party Tyga Hosted

Paul_McCartney_&_Bono_Live8Beatles icon Paul McCartney was turned away at a post-Grammy party in Los Angeles. A footage released by TMZ showed the legendary musician was refused entry at rapper Tyga’s soiree.

McCartney, who is credited for a string of hits that span decades in his career, was entering the venue with other artists like Beck and Tony Hawkins, when the bouncer blocked them by the door.

“How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit guys, we need another hit,” McCartney was heard saying in the video, Spin reports.

The musician tried for a second time, but was once again refused entry. He jokingly told Beck to work on his next hit. Beck has a string of hits himself and won Album of the Year at Grammys in 2015, per Daily Mail.

“Wait. The Paul McCartney came to Argyle… and they wouldn’t let him in? You’ve got to be lying,” remarked Rapper Bow Wow, who was one of the guests.

McCartney didn’t let the incident ruin his night as he was later seen celebrating at another event in Los Angeles.