Globe Telecom participates in global move to protect netizens from online fraud, scams

As part of its commitment to enable the shift to a digital nation and empower Filipinos around the world to fully embrace their digital lifestyle, Globe Telecom joins a GSMA-led global initiative to protect users from the growing number of fraudulent activities and scams in the digital space.

Working with the GSMA closely, Globe is launching Mobile Connect in the Philippines in light of the rapid growth of data and internet penetration in the country, exposing more users to online fraud and scams. GSMA’s Mobile Connect aims to securely authenticate, authorize and identify a subscriber accessing content using the inherent security of the mobile device owned and carried by the end user.

“As the mobile ecosystem rapidly expands, consumers are increasingly demanding robust privacy safeguards and personal data protection. With Mobile Connect, Globe is adopting a globally-accepted standard to protect the digital identities of customers from the various cases of cybercrimes via a safe and secure platform. In today’s digital world, this initiative will definitely bring about sustainable and long-lasting impact to the global economy, and we at Globe are very happy to bring this innovation to Filipinos to ease them away from the worries of online fraud,” says Glenn Estrella, Vice President for Digital Media at Globe.

Mobile Connect enables customers to create and manage a digital universal identity via a single log-in solution. The service securely authenticates users, enabling them to digitally confirm their identity and their credentials and grant safe on-line access to mobile and digital services such as e-commerce, banking, health and digital entertainment, and e-government, via their mobile phones. It works by employing the user’s unique mobile number, combined with a unique PIN for more secure use cases, to verify and grant online access anywhere they see the Mobile Connect logo.

It also provides secure and convenient access to digital services that can be unlocked with the use of a secret PIN. It functions like Google’s Two-Factor authentication where the subscriber is asked to enter the code they get via SMS or USSD, to verify that they have the device with them when accessing a site or an app.

“Over the past two years, the industry has come together to simplify consumers’ lives by offering a single, trusted, mobile phone-based authentication solution that respects online privacy and helps to mitigate the vulnerability of online passwords,” said Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA. “As Mobile Connect is rolled out globally, mobile operators are fulfilling an important role in the digital identity space, giving users control over their own data and enabling consumers, businesses and governments alike to interact and access online services in a convenient, private, and trusted environment.”

While initially focused on secure and convenient log-in to digital services, Mobile Connect is evolving to deliver secure authorisation of digital transactions and to add context and attributes about the user and the transaction to increase convenience, trust and security for the users and the online service providers, while respecting the users’ privacy.