‘Orphan Black’ Unveils Season 4 Teaser [WATCH VIDEO]

There’s still a few months to go before the return of “Orphan Black.” Now on its fourth season, the TV series is expected to air by April 2016. But the show is whetting the appetite of its avid viewers with a new teaser that dropped this weekend.

In it, the teaser seems to suggest what’s going to happen to one particular clone – presumably one who was still alive at the end of the third season, but who was not doing well.

Watch the video:

As to what else fans can expect from Season 4, show creator John Fawcett told Variety  in a previous interview, “I want from season four a vibe of season one again. I want a lot of that paranoia back, and Sarah following a first-person mystery, and a feeling of not knowing where we stand again, and having the audience not know where we stand. When Graeme [Manson, series co-creator,] and I talked about it, it was like, ‘How do we give it a feeling of conclusion after three seasons and now push towards our bigger mystery?’ We just wanted a reset after season three and a big emotional ending.”

“Orphan Black” airs on BBC America and stars Tatiana Maslany.