LAUSD schools closed after bomb threat

The mind-numbing, heart-stopping, terrible reality about these Jihaddists and ISIS killers is that they don’t fear death. They long for it.

And as Fareed Zakaria, a Muslim himself, who recorded the Terror in Mumbai, relates, one of the 9 Killers was brainwashed into believing that when he dies, he will not rot and exuding the smell of death, of rotting flesh.

The face of the dead killers will exude a heavenly sheen. They believe that if they are blown to smithereens when they are in the midst of killing as many as possible, they will go to Paradise. The men will be ministered to by 72 virgins who will remain petulant, unfulfilled, screaming, scratching virgins till the end of time.

There are some 600,000 pupils in the LA Unified School District.

This threat, this warning was emailed from Germany to an official of the School District. Hence, the school administrators are not taking this lightly.