Supergirl To Crossover on ‘The Flash’ and John Constantine To Appear in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’? – Find Out Here!


Things are shaking up in the DC Television arena, as rumors are rife that characters could be appearing in some shows unexpectedly.

Word has it that that Supergirl might be flying into STAR Labs on ‘The Flash’ for May sweeps. But according to Bleeding Cool, this is still contingent on whether or not CBS orders more episodes for “Supergirl.” At the moment, the show is only confirmed for 13 episodes by the network and pending any improvements in the ratings, it’s back nine episodes are still uncertain.

The series premiered as the highest new network series last October, but since then the numbers for “Supergirl” has been going down. It’s been reported via Parent Herald that for the show’s 13th episode, Supergirl will get a visit from her cousin Superman. However, the story is a flashback and the famous superhero would still be 13-years-old in the series.

Meanwhile, in another report on Bleeding Cool, “Legends of Tomorrow” might bring in John Constantine for Season 2 in its bid to follow the format of “Justice League Unlimited” cartoon series. Constantine was played by Matt Ryan, who was in a defunct TV series on NBC last season. However, the actor also reprised his role for a special appearance in “Arrow” this season.

Additionally, “Legends of Tomorrow” is also rumored to be hiring Steven R. McQueen (“The Vampire Diaries”) to play a new superhero, who is also set to appear in the second season.

“Legends of Tomorrow” was spun from the series “Arrow” and “The Flash” and will debut on television in January 2016. The show has yet to get a second season renewal.